Welcome to Boernsen Bees

Welcome to Boernsen Bees

Welcome to Boernsen BeesWelcome to Boernsen BeesWelcome to Boernsen Bees

About Boernsen Bees

Family Owned


Boernsen Bees is a family owned business located in Ocheyedan, Iowa. For the past 15 years we've been providing our community with premium raw honey products.

Premium Bees and Raw Honey


Our success is deeply rooted in providing our customers with exceptional honey bees. We're knowledgeable and can offer consultative advice to experienced beekeepers and beginners.

Raw Honey Products


In addition to tending our own bees, we offer outstanding raw honey and raw honey products including beeswax lip balms and lotions.

Did you know?

Honey is widely known for its antiseptic properties and healing agents.

A honeybee visits 50 to 100 flowers during a single collection trip.

Bees visit 2 million blossoms to make a pound of honey. 

To collect 2.2 lbs of honey, a hive of bees would need to fly 90,000 miles.

Honeybees communicate with one another by dancing.

A hive of bees will travel the span of 3 orbits around the earth to collect 1 kg of honey.

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